Odyssey of the 8th Fire is the true tale
of an epic pilgrimage for the Earth
across North America

by people of all colors and faiths.

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"You can no longer save your family, tribe or nation. You can only save the whole world."

- Margaret Mead

Day 13 - Wednesday, July 5, 1995 - An Eagle came, then a Hawk. They soared up and above the Episcopal Church in Branford, Connecticut just as the walkers prepared to set off for a day on the road.

The winged ones circled in the sky. Rev. Mark Anderson and his wife Lois watched with astonishment. They told the walkers that no one in their congregation had any memory of ever seeing these great birds around here at any time previously.

Signs in the sky have become commonplace for the walkers: hawks, eagles, sunbows, cloud formations, the talking winds, and more. The signs, they say, arrive at critical moments that give them a context and a meaning. The signs help to keep hearts strong.

The Sunbow pilgrims began walking in Norwalk, Connecticut. In relays they covered about 35 miles to reach New Rochelle, New York, close to the Bronx.

They walked on Route 1, which is still called the Boston Post Road in this region—an echo of times past when the first US Postmaster General, Benjamin Franklin, designated a network of mail routes. The Post Road was the major land route between Boston and New York, and it is steeped in history, marked with many monuments.


Gaston Lavoie traveled by bus from Quebec, Canada to join the walk. Last night he sat awake and restless at the bus station in New York City, and then today he scouted about Route 1 in Connecticut, eventually making a rendezvous with the walkers.

Gaston spoke with me by phone and declared that he is a human being of Irish-Algonquin-Scottish-French heritage. He told me he is knowledgeable about the teachings of the Seven Fires.


Native American recording artist Wayquay has been a major supporter for our walk, helping with fund raising, and generally getting things ready for the walk to arrive in New York.


After a long day of working with Beth Sampson to prepare lodging and food for the Sunbow pilgrims while they are in Manhattan, Wayquay turned on the TV in her lower East Side apartment.

She settled back to relax watching TV while she waited for the walkers to arrive. Wayquay had her finger on the remote control and was zapping through the cable channels, she told me, when she was astonished to see images of Grandfather Commanda and Frank Decontie on her TV.

In a grand, cosmic synchronicity, just as our walk was approaching the city in real time, one of New York's public channels was broadcasting a video recording of the historic Cry of the Earth Conference, which happened November 22, 1993 at the House of Mica (UN Headquarters, Manhattan).

One of the key impulses that motivates our odyssey from the east to the west is our recognition that the messages the spiritual elders of North America offered to the world at the House of Mica have gone unheard.

Now we are returning to the House of Mica. We hope in some helpful way to call wider attention to those messages.


Copyright 2006 by Steven McFadden

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