Odyssey of the 8th Fire is the true tale
of an epic pilgrimage for the Earth
across North America

by people of all colors and faiths.

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© - 2007 by Steven McFadden

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"The Winged Ones are messengers, so watch to see what they show. If you find a feather, pick it up and hold it to your heart with thanksgiving. Appreciate the messenger, and the message will make itself clear in a thought, a feeling, or a dream.

"Mesages are all around us. If you are walking along and you're thinking of something that might be puzzling, and your moving it through your mind and you pick up a feather, hold it and look at it. It can often bring in a thought of wisdom in connection with what you are thinking about."

- Yehwenode (Twylah Nitsch)

Day 146  - Wednesday, November 15, 1995 - Ravens and crows have been around and about the walkers in large numbers over the past few days. The winged ones are continually talking to the walkers, and the walkers are paying close attention.

Yesterday as Ned Pashene and Charlotte Kitchen were driving in Charlotte’s Chevy Blazer, they looked up and saw a raven and a crow battle each other in the sky.

Ned and Charlotte recognized immediately that something was wrong and they stopped. When they got out of the Blazer they discovered a dangerously flat tire, which they were able to repair before any damage occurred.


The past few days have been beautifully sunny and warm, while the temperature has regularly dipped down into the 30s at night. The walkers kindle a sacred fire in the Algonquin tradition as they establish each campsite, and they keep it burning until camp is broken so the embers of the fire can be transported on to the next camp.

This sacred fire, and the three small wood stoves now being used to warm winter tents, have created a demand for firewood. As a consequence, the walkers have all become acutely aware of the environmental impact they are having on this part of the continent, where trees are few and firewood is precious.


In recent weeks the walkers have organized themselves into seven cooking clans. Each clan with responsibility for cooking and cleaning one day out of the week.

Under this new arrangement, Joe Soto emerged from the closet last night and revealed himself as a High Kitchen Shaman. His creation—Chicken Arawak ala Joe Soto—elicited squeals of delight. All these months and no one ever suspected Joe’s hidden culinary skill.


Copyright 206 by Steven McFadden

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