Odyssey of the 8th Fire is the true tale
of an epic pilgrimage for the Earth
across North America

by people of all colors and faiths.

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"How you live life is both an art and religion, as is how you treat and respect the environmentincluding animals, plants, and fellow humansall life forms, even our Mother Earth. We see no need to create concepts to separate or fragment our daily lives...Try to live a clean, beautiful, good, and balanced life. Be generous and caring. That's what our elders tell us."

- Conrad House

Day 87 - Sunday, September 17, 1995 - The walkers reunited as one, and the walk moved by vehicle from Nashville—where the walkers made a lot of friends— to Pulaski, Tennessee. Pulaski is where they took their last steps toward the West a week ago, and where the long walk West will re-commence today. The weather remains hot. 


Three Rivers takes command
of the Sunbow camp kitchen

Pat Three Rivers Nicholson joined the walk along with her son Michael Medicine Arrow, and her daughter Barbie Little Owl.

Over the telephone, Three Rivers explained her story: “Three years ago," she said, "I found myself living alone for the first time on land here in Tennessee between the Duck River and the Buffalo River."

She said that while she was living there she became aware of a direct line between two ancient ceremonial mounds. She noticed a distinct and powerful field of energy associated with the mounds and the connecting line. Three Rivers began tapping in. At that time, via spirit, she became aware that "people of prayer" would be coming, and that she should feed them. She was to grow food for the people. In response, she spent a year preparing.

"I made a commitment that I would go wherever I had to," Three Rivers said, "and that I would do whatever I had to do."

Then in August of 1995 while on a trip into North Carolina, she read a story on the front page of the Smoky Mountain Chronicle about our Sunbow 5 Walk. She knew immediately that this was it. She waited till the walk got into Tennessee, and then joined with a commitment to walk all the way to the Pacific.

Michael Medicine Arrow - surveys the road ahead. (Author Photo)

Three Rivers, who is Eastern Band Cherokee, said that when she learned about the walk she just had to come out and meet the walkers, even though it meant a 100-mile drive from her home.

"My heart beats with the heart of the Earth Mother," she said. "When the Earth is suffering, I suffer. And she is suffering now. These people know that and they are doing something sacred about it. They need unity to understand that they are doing just what Great Spirit wants them to do, and they can do it with joy. There is a lot of love and cohesion in the group. They are beautiful people."

Three Rivers told all of this and more to the walkers on Sunday afternoon, as they sat in a council circle at the KOA campground in Pulaski. It was a great council.

By the end of the circle, the group had finally reached consensus (after 86 days) to walk all together. Up till now, considering different needs and different speeds, there has always been resistance to this. The walkers have sometimes stretched out for miles along the road. But today as they discussed it, they saw no alternatives. They saw instead opportunity. They must walk together; they will walk together. It was a happy occasion.

Barbie Litttle Owl Nicholson, as with her mom and her brother, has joined the walk with determination to journey all the way to the Western Gateway.

Henceforth, the plan is, one group will set out upon the road at Sunrise. Another group will stay behind, break down the old camp, then move ahead down the road by vehicle to set up the next camp.

The walkers will be relieved at mid-day by the second group, which will then walk until Sunset. Two people will go ahead of the walk by several days to scout the terrain, to look for campsites, and to spread word that the walk is coming.

The walk will travel West along Route 64 toward Lawrence, Tennessee.


Special Note:  On Friday, September 15, 2006 Barbie Nicholson gave birth to Barbie Jr.  Official name: Bailey Jayde Galbreath. She arrived weighing 6 lbs. ll oz. and measuring 18" long. According to Baily Jayde's grandmother, Three Rivers, the baby is beautiful, with a round face and dark brown hair.


E-mail subject:  Walking in Memphis

I think everyone in Memphis has decided that something special is happening here…If there has ever been a land that need the light, it is here. This great place where one King overdosed and the other King was shot, needs walkers every day. We need the vision of family, rather than the devastation of gangs. We need the call of Creator rather than the call of the dozens of casinos that have propped up only a breath away…

Last week a 15-year old boy was shot and killed in a Memphis school, the Cypress Junior High. We are negotiating to have the walkers speak at that school. The walkers are already scheduled to speak at Cordova High School to an assembly of 1,000 students. They will speak to 100 students at the Montesorri Schoool. Our children must learn another way…

- Anne Gilis


Copyright 2006 by Steven McFadden

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